Hello' I am Naila Khan

"I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to discuss ideas, business or project."

" A self-driven and highly focused professional with over 22 years working experience. I have worn many hats in my career – educationist, manager, marketer, researcher, strategist and trainer. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. My passion is inventing new, more powerful and profitable business ideas. I help businesspeople get their messages out clearly, concisely and accurately. Whether it’s your business model, brand strategy, corporate communication, website development, social media management, ATL or BTL campaigns planning, events management, digital media engagement, operational management, creative direction, startup consultations, business research and international exhibitions.
Lots of people have big ideas. Execution is what matters, and I do execution.
I don't care who gets credit – I just want to win. "